• About Me

    I am a freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas. My love for taking photos began in 1992 after discovering the simple beauty of black and white film and the Canon A1. Soon after, and during the course of a beginning photography class, I discovered Fujichrome Velvia, the tripod and long exposures outdoors, usually in or around a particularly striking sunset. The incredible color and saturation of that slide film really put the hook in me. My weekly ritual of picking up just-developed slides from Holland Photo was like xmas morning.

    The extension of my passion for the eye candy produced by the high contrast Velvia and Kodachrome 200 was the Ilfochrome/Cibachrome printing process. To this day there is almost nothing like the sharpness, color purity and clarity of their print materials. The results were jaw dropping.

    The digital SLR revolution has changed what is possible and breathed new life into my passion for capturing imagery that I want to share. My photographic interests have now evolved to include portraiture, product photography, live music, and creative lighting, both in, and out, of the studio.

  • Clients

    Sony Electronics | QSC Audio | Audio Technica | SXSW | SXSW World Magazine | Real Ale Brewing Company | The Village | The University of Texas at Austin | Truluck's Restaurant | Fireman's Texas Cruzer | Eric Woomer | Clown Dog Bikes | Austin Bike Farm | Aquatic Features, Inc. | Art + Artisans | Human Productivity Lab | Publisher's Resource Group | Do512 | Crown & Anchor Pub | El Diablo Magazine | KUT | Luke Graves Realty

  • Website

    My website has recently been completely redesigned and reorganized as of August 2012. If you are looking for previous content, it is still in the same location but access has been obfuscated. Much of the previous content will be incorporated eventually. For now, my previous homepage can be accessed here.

    Over the next weeks and months my galleries will expand as well as the images made available for purchase on my SmugMug Commerce Site. If you are unable to find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact me for specific requests.

  • My Work Can Be Found Here

    Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/inlumino/sets/